Offering Professional Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Increases Property Value

Pressure washing is a great way to remove mold, dust, mud, paint, grime and even chewing gum from surfaces like building exteriors, patios, and garages. When done by a professional, it can also reduce allergies and minimize potential hazards on your property. Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes offers professional pressure washing services to residential and commercial clients. When you have your property pressure washed by our experienced pressure washing team, not only will your property value increase but your curb appeal will increase as well. Here are a few structures we pressure wash:

  • Wood & Composite Decking
  • Patios & Porches
  • Home & Business Exteriors
  • Barns & Outbuildings
  • Garages Buildings & Doors

A Well Maintained Surface Can Save Time & Money

Routinely pressure washing your property can greatly reduce the damage caused by the buildup of contaminants that contribute to mold growth and dry rot. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your home or commercial property. Doing proper maintenance is key to keeping your property value up and repair costs down  Plus, a clean exterior surface is easily prep for painting or resurfacing, which can save you a considerable amount of time.

We Protect Your Landscaping

You’ve worked hard to increase the property value of your home or business by investing in quality landscaping. At Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes, we’re sensitive to that. That’s why we’ve develope special practices that significantly reduce the effects of pressure washing on landscaping and still effectively clean your structure. After all, our goal is to add to your property value, not decrease it. Contact us today for your free pressure washing estimate. One of our trained staff with tour your property with you, noting all your landscaping concerns, along with any other build structure concerns you may have, After which, you’ll be presented with an estimate and approach to safely pressure wash your home or business.

We’re Competitively Priced

When you hire Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes, you get quality pressure washing, performed by highly trained professionals. This, combined with our competitive pricing, is truly your best value. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality work at a price point that works with your budget. When you contact us for a free pressure washing estimate, we’ll send a trained member of our staff to your location to evaluate your needs. Plus, we can do minor repairs, so if you need a few things fixed before we pressure wash, we can get that done. Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes works to get the job done right the first time, all the while saving you time and money, and even keeping your landscaping looking as good as it did before we were there.


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