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Professional Sheetrock Finishing & Repair

Top 3 Reasons Customers Hire Us

There are many positive reasons to hire us as your professional sheetrock finishers. Our customers trust us to get the job done as fast as possible. They know we have the right tools for the job. Jerry‘s Painting and Decorative Finishes’ team provides the desired finished results they’re looking for.

We’ve found our regular customers hire us for three major reasons:

  1. Fast, efficient, high-quality work.
  2. We have professional sheetrock finishing and repair tools.
  3. The final results are excellent!

The most important reason our customers choose us is to make sure their walls, ceilings, and closets are smooth. The sheetrock seams are feathered. The professional finishers at Jerry’s Painting and Decorative Finishes give your walls, ceilings, and closets a perfect finished layer to ensure your paint color lasts.

Also, the equipment and tools required for professional sheetrock finishing and repair can be costly. Our customers know this. They enjoy not be responsible for buying them, and you can have this same feeling of relief. We maintain pro tools like hammer-end joint knives, brushes, ladders, lifts, and more.

Texture Matching For Sheetrock Finishing & Repair

If you have a building, room, or wall that is damaged or you need to match the texture in another area of your structure, our pro painters at Jerry’s Painting and Decorative Finishes can match most surface textures. We’re able to texture match surfaces that are very smooth to a variety of textures, listed here:

  • Swirl Drywall Texture
  • Splatter Knockdown Texture
  • Orange Peel Texture
  • Popcorn Texture

Residential & Commercial Professionals

When you hire us for sheetrock finishing and repair, we make sure that all areas we fix get the pros touch. First, we comb through every surface area to find and fix water damaged sections, cracks, and holes. Once repaired, we prep the surface for painting by sanding and priming walls, ceilings, and closets.

We pride ourselves in the quality of work we offer and have thoroughly trained, lead certified staff who place safety above all else. To ensure there’s consistency in job performance, painting applications, and safety protocol, the owner of Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes, is present on all job sites. We are Bangor’s leader in professional interior and exterior painting services.

High Praise From Our Clients

Here is what some of Jerry's Painting & Decorative Finishes’ happy customers have to say about our work: