Professional Vinyl Siding Cleaning Services

We Are Your Professional Vinyl Siding Cleaners

Having your vinyl siding professionally cleaned is one of the most cost-effective & efficient ways to keep your residential and commercial buildings looking like new. If you’d like to improve the looks of your structure, let our trained vinyl siding cleaning staff at Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes methodically and safely remove the built-up dirt, grime, mud, and mold from your home or business, leaving it to shine brightly in the sun. We’ll clean around your building to remove vines and we’ll be sure to protect places that water has the potential to enter, like window casing and small holes. The shine you’ll get from us will extend the life span of your building, helping to increase its curb appeal and elevate your property value.

Keeping Your Shrubbery Protected While Cleaning

You’ve worked hard to increase the property value of your home or business by investing in quality landscaping. At Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes, we’re sensitive to that. That’s why we’ve develope special practices that significantly reduce the effects of vinyl siding cleaning on your landscaping and still be able to effectively clean it. Our goal is to add to your property value, not decrease it. We do this by using plant safe cleaners, properly protecting your shrubbery, and keeping excessive water runoff from saturating the soil around your building. We are thorough, and meticulous about our work. We care about your property.

Cost of Power Washing Vinyl Siding

When you hire Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes to clean your vinyl siding, you get a job done right by highly trained vinyl siding cleaning professionals. This, combined with our budget-friendly pricing, is truly your best value. We pride ourselves on offering quality work at a price point that works within your budget. And, because all jobs are different, the best way to get a cost point for your particular project, is to contact us for your free vinyl siding cleaning estimate. We’ll send the owner of our company to your location to evaluate your needs. Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes works to get the job done right the first time, all the while saving you time and money, and even keeping your landscaping looking as good as it did before we were there.

We Are A Fully Insured & Lead Certified Company

Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes is a fully insured and lead certified Bangor based painting company. We prioritize our customer’s safety by supplying a fully insured crew at each job site. Your safety is our top priority. In addition, the safety of our crew is paramount too. We pride ourselves in having thoroughly trained, lead certified staff, who place safety above all else. To ensure consistency in job performance, painting applications and safety protocol, the owner of Jerry’s Painting & Decorative Finishes is present on all job sites. We are Bangor’s leader in professional interior and exterior painting services.


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